Loving Photography

Loving Photography is the first partnership programme between Tayside Healthcare Arts Trust (THAT), ST/ART Project and The McManus. Delivered as part of The McManus Reconnect Project during the Coronavirus Pandemic which is funded through the ARTFund with additional funding from THAT.

Working with commissioned Lead Artist, the photographer David P Scott, participants living with long term health conditions and their carers developed their knowledge and understanding of photography over 8 weekly sessions where challenges were set and work was shared and discussed. The programme was designed around an appreciation of The McManus exhibition A Love Letter to Dundee by renowned photographer Joseph McKenzie. Using his work as inspiration the participants have produced a stunning collection of work, the highlights of which are featured in this online gallery.

The experience of working to a common creative goal and sharing this as the group progressed is wonderfully summed up by one of our participants:

Eight Weeks by Alison Reeves

Here I am. Reflected in the glass, reflected in the many mirrors, reflected in the water.

I look worn. I feel jaded.

My packaging has changed, was failing.

My essence is strong, unwavering.

Left propped against the wall, against the step, against the door, your walking stick offers freedom to move in any direction.

There you are. Exploring inside closes, taking photographs of barbed wire, tilting at bus shelters.

I found you staring at roses, rolling down double yellow lines, looking up at trees, planting coffee cups in the snow.

Did we understand what you were trying to say?

Did you feel that we can see you?

I can see you under your layers, even through a dirty pane of glass.

Athene Bergamino

Robert Carrie

Michelle Cassidy

Helen Gowland

Alice Jones

Andi Nairn

Steven Ogg

Mark Pennycook

Alison Reeves

Issy Robertson